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β-1,2-manno-oligosaccharides: candidiasis treatment, prevention and diagnosis

Candida is a fungus opportunistic pathogen. Each year it is responsible for several hundreds of millions of infections, particularly digestive, skin and vaginal ones. The increase in prevalence, the emergence of strains resistant to current treatments (Candida auris) and the lack of diagnostic tools make this fungus a major public health problem. In fact, systemic infections (1 million cases per year) can reach a mortality rate of 50% and a significant hospital cost.

Our β-1,2-manno-oligosaccharides are antigenic units specific to Candida which therefore have a high potential for developing rapid diagnostics, prevention and treatment of these infections.


CAS 50728-38-6
Formula C12H22O11
Molecular weight 342.3 g/mol


Formula C18H32O16
Molecular weight 504.4 g/mol


Formula C24H42O21
Molecular weight 666.6 g/mol


Our oligosaccharides have prebiotic properties which promote well-being and intestinal health.


CAS 14417-51-7
Formula C12H22O11
Molecular weight 342.3 g/mol

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CAS 50692-75-6
Formula C12H22O11
Molecular weight 342.3 g/mol